Is the Sardine Run guaranteed?

Like any wildlife encounter it is not guaranteed, however a day out on the ocean can bring about anything anytime and you are sure to be rewarded with awesome encounters with marine life.

What you will get to see….

COMMON DOLPHINS, who are primarily responsible for forming bait balls by separating a small pocket of sardines & circling around them to herd the sardines into a swirling mass before darting through to catch as many as they can.

HUMPBACK WHALES also join in on the fun; these magnificent whales migrate along the South African coast during the sardine run. They can be seen breaching, tail-slapping, and blowing water as they feed on the sardines.

SHARKS – the sardine run attracts several shark species, including the Great White Shark, Copper Sharks, Dusky Sharks and Zambezi Sharks. These predators follow the sardine shoals, taking advantage of the abundant food source.

CAPE GANNETS provide us with one of the most exciting feedings to view. These large seabirds are excellent divers and have a distinctive appearance with their yellow heads and black and white bodies. They plunge into the water to catch their share of sardines.

Thank you to Greg Lecoeur, Raggy Charters & Peter Berndt for the images.

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