A typical Sardine Run day with ProDive

A day in the life of a Sardine Run Expedition is nothing short of extraordinary. From the thrill of the search to the breathtaking beauty of the South African coast, it’s an experience that will leave you speechless. We begin with early morning launches and end of the day around the fire exchanging pleasantries about the newly made experiences. Let’s dive in and find out what a typical Sardine Run day with ProDive looks like!

The day starts bright and early, usually before the crack of dawn. As the first light of day breaks, you’ll find yourself already awake with excitement. After a scrumptious hot breakfast, it’s time to gather your necessities and meet at the boat. The boats depart from the lodge from before sunrise, making its way down the Umzimvubu River to the river mouth where we wait for an opportunity to launch through the waves. Our skilled crew will begin “spotting”, looking for signs of bait balls, such as action from dolphins, gannets and whales all while keeping in touch with other spotters.

Once the sardines are spotted, get ready for an adventure like no other! You’ll have the thrilling opportunity to snorkel or dive right into the heart of the action, surrounded by massive sardine shoals. Some of the action is experienced through snorkeling due to the boat moving along quickly to keep up and get the best action. Divers can also scuba and be in close proximity to the feeding frenzy, where they can encounter dolphins, sharks, whales and other marine species when a big static bait ball is spotted.

Divers are provided with a packed lunch, including fruit and snacks to enjoy on the boat while continuing to search for more action. You will spend the rest of the afternoon taking in all that the Sardine Run has to offer, remember to bring along a camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities. The boat returns to the lodge in the afternoon, depending on the action out at sea. Once at the lodge, divers tend to head off to their rooms for a hot shower and a bit of relaxation. The crew will unpack, clean and refuel the boats, and fill scuba tanks for the next morning.

The evenings at the lodge are relaxed, giving everyone a chance to mingle and chat about the days’ activities. Watch the sunset from the bank of the Umzimvubu River and join everyone from 6PM at the restaurant for a hearty dinner. We end off the night around the fire reviewing photos and videos from the day.

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