Sardine Run South Africa

Experience the exhilarating Sardine Run, spending time out at sea interacting with dolphins, whales, seals, penguins, sharks and birds chasing the Biggest Shoal on earth!

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The Ultimate South African Sardine Run Experience

A typical sardine bait ball in crystal clear conditions where dolphins, sharks, whales and sea birds are in a feeding frenzy is in fact a rare sighting. Film crews have spent weeks out at sea over the span of a couple of years in search of the perfect bait ball action to get the footage regularly seen on television.

What Sets Pro Dive Apart

After more than twenty years experiencing the Sardine Run and our local knowledge and experience with the animals, Pro Dive provides the highest probability of encountering the densest displays of the Sardine Run action, where you can see penguins, seals, dolphins, whales, sharks as well as the birds on the bait balls.

Sardine Run Professional Association
Pro Dive is a member of the Sardine Run Professional Association

State-Of-The-Art Boats

Pro Dive’s boats are modern and include state-of-the-art modifications specifically with the Sardine Run in mind. A specially designed camera tray that is positioned down the centre of the boat, additional fuel tanks that enable our boats to reach 160km and an aft seating arrangement, ensures more space with fewer people on pontoons and excellent agility, reach and speed.

Best Equipment

Pro Dive is Port Elizabeth’s number one dive centre and shop. This ensures that we provide divers with the latest and greatest new or well-maintained equipment. Divers on the Sardine Run are provided with 12ℓ steel tanks and boats are equipped with ladders for easy boat access as well as having oxygen on board. Benefits that few other sardine run operators have.

Seasoned Skippers

Our skippers are all PADI Certified and seasoned Sardine Run specialists. They have worked with the animals for over 20 years and their intuition and local knowledge guarantees the best Sardine Run experience. They have two goals in mind, your safety and making your Sardine Run experience the most memorable expedition of your life.

Superior Comfort

We aim to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable 24 hours of the day. We think further than your comfort on the boat – we ensure that there is ample space when you are travelling in the bus to game reserves, lodgings and attractions, that you are accommodated at superior accommodation, and a major highlight, are provided with a dry wetsuit every morning.

South African Sardine Run Tours and Charters
from Port Elizabeth and Port St Johns

The Sardine Run action starts in Port Elizabeth in April where the sardines, and their predators, migrate up the Eastern Cape coastline of South Africa. By the end of June, the sardines reach Port St. Johns which is situated in the heart of the Wild Coast, a 250km coastline which offers spectacular scenery and unique beauty to the Sardine Run experience.

Sardine Run Migration Map
During the months from April to July, the cooler Benguela current moves up towards the east coast of South Africa resulting in the migration of millions of Sardines. This provides an abundant food source attracting game fish, sea birds, whales, dolphins and sharks, to name a few.

Sardine Run Tour Packages 2022

Port Elizabeth

March – April

Penguins Sardine Run

From March to April, Port Elizabeth has the best Sardine Run sightings.

Port Elizabeth has excellent dive sites characterized by colourful soft corals and a remarkable concentration and diversity of marine species including whales, dolphins, seals and jackass penguins.

Port Elizabeth’s Algoa Bay is also home to the Ragged Tooth Shark and the largest breeding colony of African Penguins & Cape Gannet’s in the world.

Port Elizabeth is the gateway to South Africa’s renowned Garden Route, has a collection of Big 5 Game Reserves located nearby, beautiful beaches, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and loads more attractions to enjoy on days off to complete the South African experience.

Port St Johns

June – July

Port St John Sardine Run

The Wild Coast is 250kms of relatively untouched coast and offers adventure and a unique beauty to the Sardine Run experience.

Port St Johns is a quaint coastal village known as the Jewel of the Wild Coast, and from June to July we make a luxury lodge on the banks of Port St Johns’ Mzimvubu River our base.

We join the various predators like sharks, humpback whales, dolphins and birds as they move along the South African coastline feeding on the bate balls during the day, and spend the evenings relaxing with friends around the fire eating, drinking and talking about the day’s excitement.