ProDive Sardine Run is Going Green

Over the years, ProDive has adopted more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Our goal is to minimize negative environmental impacts, promote conservation, and ensure long-term ecological health of the marine ecosystems. Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to pollution in the ocean, from bottles to packets and takeout containers. ProDive provides clients with reusable water bottles, flasks & lunchboxes to minimize single use plastic. These small changes are capable of making the biggest difference.

The LifeStraw Community Water Tank ~ equipped to filter up to 98000L of water! This is provided to our clients during the Sardine Run season, eliminating the need for single use water bottles.

Working towards keeping our oceans clean ~ an initiative on board to collect all the plastic waste during the excursion out at sea. Going green is essential to mitigate climate change, protect natural resources, and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

In addition to taking steps to reduce one’s impact on the environment and promote sustainability, ProDive, the educators and learners of Community Senior Primary School in rural Port St. Johns took to the beach to do their part in keeping the Oceans clean. Many bags were filled with waste found on the beach. This shows us that there is a dire need for everyone to participate and create awareness around the environmental crisis that we are facing.

Join ProDive and work towards a Better Environment for a Better Tomorrow

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