Why Choose Port St. Johns?

Port St. Johns is a quaint coastal village known as the Jewel of the Wild Coast. From June to July we make the luxurious 4 star N’taba River Lodge on the banks of Port St. Johns’ Mzimvubu River our base. Port St. Johns is strategically located along the sardines’ migration route, making it an ideal spot to witness and participate in the Sardine Run.

Port St. Johns, nestled in the heart of the Transkei has lush green hills and rugged coastal cliffs, providing a picturesque backdrop with its stunning natural beauty. We join the various predators like sharks, humpback whales, dolphins and birds as they move along the Wild Coast feeding on the bait balls during the day, and we spend the evenings relaxing with friends around the fire eating, drinking and talking about the day’s excitement.

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